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Why Dhoni still supporting the top order batsmen in Ind vs Pak 2nd ODI?

We know from the 2nd ODI somewhat india couldn't show the batting skills against the Pakistan but when the ravi shastri asked the dhoni like "where you have to focus much in the next match?", he simply said like "first of all, bowling has to be improved and overall team performance has to be done well also", so why he is still supporting the top order batsmen? because he din't say much negative about the top order batsmen, and really India din't settled well in the India's bowling sector ( brought the Pakistan score under 250 runs ) than the India's batting sector (95/5 at 26th over)????.,

What about your comments? still India has to change only the bowling sector than the batting sector in the 3rd ODI???
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12:50 24/06/14
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Dhoni can't blame or point finger on top order batsman, as he will be striped from captain soon.
About pakistan, india is playing bad and it doesn't mean pakistan is playing well. Only 2 players are good, Junaid and Jamshed. No one else is shining.

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12:50 24/06/14
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