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Malaysia or Dubai? Which one is better for Job seekers?

Hi my name is Majid khan i am from Pakistan, i am project management professional and thinking to go for job hunting but i am confused whether to go to Malaysia or Dubai. Some advise me to go to Dubai on visit visa and you will surely get a job to 5000 to 7000 darham salary, while some advises me to go on work permit to Malaysia and you have chance of a good salary and also Malaysia cheap comparing to Dubai living and food etc also weather is good there. Please someone give me a good answer so my problem can be resolved.
Education Masters in Project Management and Masters in commerce and doing CAPM from PMI.
have a six years of experience in project management, operation management and consultancy regarding hr and corporate sector,
Asked by Sunshine
13:00 24/06/14
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Both are equally good. Dubai is costlier than Malaysia and Dubai is smaller place comparing to Malaysia

Answered by smahadevan39
13:00 24/06/14
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