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Why do Indians have different impression about how they look?

What Indians think average Indian looks like:

what average Indian actually looks like:

I'm from azad kashmir so I don't look anything like Indian but I have pale skin and brown hair.
Even pakistani people look different from them and Indian punjabis and kashmiris are the only one who can look a bit different.Rest of them look like the average Indian I showed

see how average pakistani looks:

No where like common Indian.The Indians who look like them are only 5% of the population and 98% pakistanis look like them except some poor refugeesNobody in pakistan or kashmir has black or dark brown skin.All light brown and 5-10% are even white like europeans like me.I think only 0.2% Indians can be white who are from Kashmir and they are our brothers.
Asked by Ron
14:25 24/06/14
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Well now what should we do ... it's your own perception .. India represents almost every colour and race !

Answered by El chico hermoso
14:25 24/06/14
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